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Back to school with lots of changes.

August 13, 2015


School started for my boys this week.  They were both happy to be going back to see their friends.  I know they were happy to get out from under my thumb! I am happy to have some “me time” and be able to get some things done around the house that I’m unable to do with my tiny tornadoes whirling about.  But my oldest son’s first day of 2nd grade was bittersweet.  As we showed up to school we found out that he had a new Special Day Class teacher.  His teacher, since kindergarten,  took another job over the summer.  I was WAY more upset then my son.  He was more interested in the new giant-sized android tablet in the classroom then who his teacher was.  As I smiled and introduced myself to his new teacher (who is very nice) I honestly focused on not tearing up.  Running through my mind was *all the work over the last 2 years…  the way his teacher KNEW just what he needed…. the way his teacher KNEW just what I needed*  was gone.  And while I understand that most children get a new teacher every year, children on the spectrum have a rough time with change and transition.  It takes a very long time for them to get back into the grove when things are shaken up.  I have a rough time with change.  I get into a comfort zone and once it gets disrupted I have a sense of dread.  What will happen with his IEP…Will this teacher be supportive of what I think is good for my son….  What will happen if he has a meltdown…Will this teacher be as good as keeping him in control…. What will happen if I don’t like what is going on with his Gen Ed class… Will he be protected if he is bullied???    It has been running through my head non stop.  It’s the first week and I need to settle down and see where this goes.  As much as my dread filled brain pokes at me, I know things are always up in the air the first couple of weeks.  I’m sure things will be just fine.


My youngest son also has a new teacher.  Changes for everyone!!!  We had to fight to get him into this program last year.  High functioning children often fall through the cracks because they don’t seem like they need help.  Little Mr. is a charmer and this new teacher isn’t sure he is autistic. (even though he has a diagnosis from a doctor)  I’m sure that will change once he gets comfortable and has one of his wonderful meltdowns!   Breathe Mama Breathe… It’s the first week.  My husband told me if something isn’t right for either boy, he knows I will tackle it head on and they couldn’t have a better advocate then me.  I’m a Mama Bear when it comes to these little  guys. It’s a learning experience for sure!  A balancing act between being nice and being fierce, knowing the laws and knowing the nuances of the school district.  I want them to have the most positive school experience as possible.  I have no doubt they are brilliant boys.   I want them to enjoy learning.  That Nobel Prize won’t win itself! 😉   So Happy Start Of School to everyone!  Now I’m going to go get another cup of coffee and enjoy the silence.


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