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Long time no talk!

September 23, 2014

I’ve been gone awhile.  Life has been stressful the last couple of months.  We have had bright shinning moments in there, but the stress took its toll on my blogging… also on my husbands health.   So we are moving forward and trying to diminish drama and stress.  Some may call it “Self Absorbed”  I call it “Self Protecting.”   Is there any other way too be?   No.  Not when you have 2 children on the spectrum.  It’s our job as parents to make sure they are safe, happy, taken care of and know that they come first in all aspects.  And they do. 🙂  So, let me update you on our Self Absorbed    Life…..

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My oldest son started 1st grade.  He has been mainstreaming a few hours a day.  He loves being in the “big” class.  But he has a hard time with socialization and reading the cues from other children.  He was very quite one night and told me that he was being bullied by some of the other children.  They were telling  him he was a “dork” and “weird” so they wouldn’t play with him.  My heart sank.  But I knew I had to address this immediately with his teachers to figure out what to do.  The next morning I talked to his teachers and aides.  They couldn’t have been more awesome!  Plans went into place that day. For example.. teaching him what social cues he is missing, talking to the whole class about respecting one another and just watching those interactions even closer.  I feel like he is being protected.  And that is what matters most.  For now things seem to be better and he is happy to go to school.  He is loving learning and just can’t wait to do “Science experiments”.  I’m stunned everyday by his overwhelming intelligence.   I have no doubt he will do big things someday… just you watch!


My youngest son was tested and found to be on the spectrum also.  We knew it… but of course it was nice to have that confirmation!  Now comes more testing from the school district.  And more fighting (or we can call it *advocating*) . So far the school district says he only needs to be tested for his speech… WRONG.   His test scores are high  in intelligence and cognitive ability, GREAT!!!!!!   BUT his needs are in socialization, attention, and transitions. Not something that translates in test scores alone.   I told one of his teachers, from the early intervention program he is in, that I feel like my children’s lawyer! I know I have my work cut out for me.  What has been a god send for me is the relationships I have with both of my boys teachers.  They have all been so willing to help us navigate services, and IEP’s.  Thank God!   I have had such wonderful input and help from all of them.  Blessed for sure!

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And now Fall is here.  Halloween is on the way, which is a huge focus in our house, and soon the holidays will be upon us.  We have big things going on, but we are going to try and slow down, look around,  enjoy our children and ignore as much stress as we can.  Our lives can be stressful enough, thanks to Autism….

  1. Debbie permalink

    You and Ron are amazing, your children were given to two people who could and would fight for them and most important love them.

    • Thank you so much Debbie. We try and do everything we can for these little guys. It’s a full time job to make sure they get all the services and help they need. But those milestones… however big or small are all I need to keep pushing forward! 🙂

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