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June 16, 2014


We made it!  Kindergarten was a super success for my older son.  He made huge improvements over the year.  He enjoyed school, and loved his teachers.  All such a relief.  As parents we always felt this was such an important milestone to the start of his school career.  Everyone worked hard to get him to this point.  And the changes are dramatic when I pause and look back a over the year.  No more bolting and wandering and that is a huge huge deal!!  He is able to follow directions.  He will stay in line (even if he isn’t the line leader!)  He *can* take turns, but that is still a hard one for him. And transitions are much much better.  He still tries to negotiate like a lawyer when he wants to continue an activity but has learned when time is up.. that’s it.  He loved learning, and sharing that with us.  His behavior made a dramatic turn for the better.  Some of that due to  meds to help his AD/HD but I will get into that in another post.  All of this is a team effort.  From the teachers keeping in close contact with me about daily issues/progress, to the autism specialist we see monitoring everything, the behaviorist that worked so hard with him inhome, and of course my family always supporting and trying help us in anyway they can.  It’s hard work, but it’s so worth it!

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Now my youngest son (2 1/2) has been in an early intervention program for a year now.   He has made tremendous advancements.  He went from very limited speech to almost full sentences.  His cognitive development is above and beyond his age and we were told he is very very bright. Of course WE always thought so 😉 .  So last week, he was tested to see where his diagnosis was.  At the test, he was his smiley, funny, Mr. Personality, cute self.  Hardly any meltdown/tantrums… and preformed all the tests that he won’t do with his weekly teachers.  At the end of the test the Dr. told us that she was going to diagnosis him as very mild on the autism spectrum.  Not a surprise or shock to us at all.  She said that she felt within a couple of years he could even *fall* off the spectrum.  It was so nice to hear that she felt all of our hard work made such a difference!  With his diagnosis, we can continue his early intervention program and he may even get some help from the school district when he turns 3.  So this was a big milestone for him too.

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Every milestone is huge to us.  Everytime my oldest son is able to walk next to me without holding my hand……… everytime my youngest son can tell me what he wants and follows directions, I silently mark those off in my mind as a WIN!  Milestones are a group effort in this family!  And everyone single one of them is very sweet.

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