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Gift in the mail

November 20, 2013


Strange how things work.  I believe that there is greater purpose in even the smallest of gestures.  That the Universe/God/The Force.. what ever you may call it, has a way of making people intersect.  The other day as I was hurrying out the door with my youngest son, wrestling to get him into his car seat, when I saw a new mailman walking up to our door.  I said “Oh I’ll just grab that”.  He smiled and walked over to the car and looked at my son and said.. “OH he sure is cute, how old is he”  I said “almost 2”!  Then the mailman said “well he shouldn’t have that binky then don’t you think.”   It was at that moment I had a choice to make.  Get mad (like I’m apt to do) and make a snotty comment back.. or just smile and say “well you know how kids are, if they like something it gets hard to break them of it”.  I chose the second.  He smiled and said “yeah you are right!  Does your son talk yet?”  I said “he sure does! He is really starting to say a lot of stuff, but you know how it is…. you have to almost translate”.  The mailman looked at me and said, “my son isn’t speaking much and he’s almost 2.  His doctor wants to do all these tests but I say no because they can’t tell anything when they are that little”.  At that moment I felt like a lighting bolt hit me.  I knew why this man was standing there.  I knew I had to say something!  So I told him that my almost 2-year-old was in an early intervention program to help with speech.  And what a turn around he has made.  That early intervention is the absolute key to helping children over that hump.  He started to ask so many questions.  I could tell he has been worried and talking himself out of that gut feeling.  So I tried to give him the info I knew would have made the difference for me with my older son.  I told him about going to our regional center and asking for testing… that they tested my youngest son at 16 months and started right away with therapies and help.  I had him write everything down for his wife (he said she was the one that would be handling it all.. hahaha!)   He told me there is no way his son could be autistic because he is friendly and loving.  I put my hand on his shoulder and told him that my older son is autistic and the most loving, friendly, funny little boy you would ever meet… and that getting tested and help right away will do wonders.  He thanked me, took down all the info I gave him and waved good-bye.  I said as he was leaving if he needed any more help let me know.  He told me thanks and he sure would!  That made my afternoon.  I truly felt like I was put in his path for a reason!

The next day I heard a knock on my door.  It was the same mailman.  I was so happy to see him again and I asked if he gave the info to his wife.  He said “that is why I knocked…. I called her from my cell phone after I talked to you and she called the regional center right away.  They called her back and want to set up testing, so thank you so much for the talk yesterday and the info.”  I was thrilled.  I asked if he would be our permanent mailman and sadly he won’t.. he’s just covering for our regular one while he is on vacation.  That’s too bad.  I would love to hear how it all turns out.  He said “God works in mysterious ways”  waved and was gone.  I have been thinking a lot about this interaction.  It felt like a wonderful gift in the mail.

xmas gift

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