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Stress… what are you good for, Absolutely Nothing?

August 25, 2013


Well.  Yeah.  We feel like we have been through the ringer.  Huge emotions, Huge Stress over the last 2 months.  And what do I take from that?  1. That my husband and I can get through anything together as a team!  2. That both of my boys are extremely sensitive to stress and upheaval.  And before you say “Hey!  All children are!”  I know I know, but there is something extra about these 2 little guys.  They are very *tapped in*.  When their schedules change it takes a while for them to even out.  If Mommy and Daddy seem upset, they become VERY UPSET.  Sleep becomes impossible for all of us.  One minute they are clingy and in our laps.. the next angry and combative.  That then ramps us up as parents.  What a cycle!  Sigh


 In the middle of this stress, life marches forward.  School started for my oldest son.  My youngest son’s teacher is leaving and a new one will be starting soon.  Doctors appointments, Therapy appointments, Behaviorist appointments all continue no matter what is going on around us.  And there have been wonderful moments and milestones hit in the midst of all of this.  My son’s bolting has almost completely stopped.  He is able to walk to and from the car without having to hold either of our hands.  He can now walk next to me all the way to his class without running away!  And for the first time ever, he was able to walk through the grocery store without being in the cart.  Those in “the know” understand what this means.  I will equate it to the first time a child walks or says “Mama”.  Yes that big, that enormous.  And when things became very stressful in our lives, my husband and I hung on to that with all our might.  That bright moment got us through!  SO TAKE THAT STRESS!!!!!!

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We have learned to take away a lesson from everything we deal with. Our lesson we needed to learn?  That we are strong enough to make it through… That everyday is another day to get things right.  And while online I saw this quote and it hit the nail on the head:

” On rough days when we are sure we can’t make it through we look back and realize that our track record of getting through rough days has been 100% and that is pretty good.”  


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