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And so starts his school career…

August 13, 2013

Kevin's first day of school


There he is… my first-born… my tiny tornado and now my kindergartener.  The last year I have been all consumed with getting to this point.  IEP meetings, research, talking with teachers, phone calls to different people in the school district, emails, more phone calls, touring schools, even more emails and IEP meetings,  and it all comes down to this day.  The start of his school career.  I have agonized over the decisions we have made.  Are they the right ones?  Have we done everything we can to make sure he will get what he needs?  Is this the right school?  Did we do enough in the IEP meetings?  Ask for enough?  Fight for enough?  This road on the autism journey is rough and bumpy.  We get bruised a lot!  BUT I do believe it has made me a better parent to both of my boys.  I know we would go to the ends of the earth for each of them.  It feels like we have already in some ways.  They are worth it all.

The last few days I have been on the edge of tears.  I felt emotional.  I felt like I was losing something.  I felt scared.  I felt like it was the end.  All of it valid and true.  It’s the end of the Little Boy stage.  He will need me less and less from now on.  That doesn’t mean my vigilance will end, because I will always be his protector.  But he will now learn to take care of his own needs with peers and teachers.  He’s had a wonderful start with his pre-school teachers and his really special teachers Ms. Elliott and Miss Patty.  They have given him a wonderful foundation.  I have no idea what I would have done in the last year and 1/2 without them.

So as I took pictures of him on his first day (in front of the house, in front of the school, in front of his cubby, and walking away with his teacher)  I felt the tears in my eyes.  I always thought I wouldn’t be one of the parents to cry, but here I was crying a little bit.  He’s my little boy forever.   I love you all the stars in the sky Kevin.  I hope I have made all the right choices for you.  You are brilliant and can be whatever you want to be.  And Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you… Forever! Kevin off to school

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