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Mommy PI

July 19, 2013


Along with being mom.. I have another job that is almost as full time.  Private Investigator! I have learned that when my son’s behavior has changed for better or worse, I have to go back and see what has changed in his life.  Is it the new supplements he’s taking.. is there any family upheaval going on… is there a change (even slight) to his schedule… did I do or say something different???  I have taken to charting and tracking different things.  I have notes all over.  ~note to self.. get more organized~ I have even thought of using a voice recorder to help me remember what I have done or not done.  I feel like I need to be hyper vigilant just so I can find the right “things” to help him.  When he’s having a good day I say “What did we do?!?!?  So we can do it again!!!!”


I know a lot of you have been following along on our family rollercoaster.  My Father-in-law lost his battle to cancer last week.  And things have been very emotional for everyone.  My son was upset that Daddy was gone a lot while Grandpa was so sick.  After he passed away we had to go to Grandpa’s house to start the process of gathering documents and getting things settled, of course he wanted to know where Grandpa was.  We have been very honest with him and told him Grandpa was gone but will always watch over him.  He seemed to take that explanation in stride.  He was good while we were there, good on the way home (2 hour drive), and then huge meltdowns once we were back in his own familiar surroundings.  Interesting right?  Maybe that means once he is at home and comfortable his true feelings can come out.   He also has been in summer school.  He had a really hard time with bolting and hitting for the first 3 weeks, then this last week he has totally turned that around and even got a “good behavior” award!  What does that tell me?  Maybe he needs 3 weeks to transition.  We started a BUNCH of new supplements to see if anything would help.  When talking to his doctor about them all and trying to figure out what was going on with some aggression that was popping up we decided to back off on one of them….. Seemed to work, but I have to chart and watch and wait.  And Kevin’s favorite teacher made a “story book” of his very own that showed him how to use his words instead of hitting, having meltdowns and getting what he wants.  Just reading through it a few times helped right away!  That teaches me how smart and quick he is… and not to forget that point.  He still needs visualization boards and schedules.  He still needs token boards and prizes.  Just because he’s so verbal and off the scales smart doesn’t mean he’s out grown these tools.


  Autism is a puzzle that only grows instead of being completed.  So I’m a Mommy PI…. Another skill I can add to my resume!  I just need the cool trench coat, hat and  magnifying glass!

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