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Maybe things fall apart, so better things can come together!

May 30, 2013

32_thingsfallapart09I have been knotted up in stress over my older son’s IEP and which school he was going to attend for Kindergarten.  If you have read along for the last couple of months, you know the story… for those that haven’t, here is a quick recap:  We tried to get him into some wonderful Charter Schools… but he was on the waiting list ~A HUGE WAITING LIST~   He then was accepted into a wonderful Magnet school with a fantastic curriculum  when this happened… Whoaa  <—- full story there, but basically we were told he couldn’t attend.   Since that day, I have not trusted one single thing the school district told me.. nothing.  EVERYTHING fell apart and I had no idea what we were going to do.  All I kept hearing over and over in my head was what the other school told me “OH there are special schools for him to go too.. he can’t come here”  And it was a huge… tough pill to swallow.


He needs extra help.   I opened my eyes to that when I got over being so hurt and angry.   As I picked up the pieces of what I thought was the right school, the right path, the right plan…..I started to see that this other program the school district was offering and we toured, was what he needed.  He will excel.  With the right attitude from the school, teachers, and aides, we can all be a team! It’s what he needs, and really, what we need as his parents.


So I put the pieces together and went over to register him in the school we wanted.  They couldn’t be more welcoming, friendly, and answering all my  questions to the best of their knowledge.  I finally felt secure.  I felt the weight lift off me a bit.  The secretary smiled and told me “we will see you on Aug 13th!”  I almost hugged her!   And when I got in my car after signing everything to get him started, I had a few little tears.  It’s been a long hard journey to get to this point.    And if I look back to that hurtful day at the other school (which seems like years ago)  I know that had to fall apart for this opportunity to come together.

Now on to summer…….. oh wait…. that means…………………………………  stressed-smiley-face

  1. Debbie Hughes permalink

    Congrats on the getting the best for Kevin. I know how difficult it was at the time, but it was worth it. Miss you all.

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