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It all started when……

April 9, 2013

It’s been a year since my son was diagnosed on the Spectrum, and it’s also Autism Awareness month. So I thought I would re-blog my first post. He’s come such a long way in just a year. He’s such an amazing kid ❤

Coffee With A Side Of Autism

You know that feeling you get.. like a gnat buzzing around your head?


Yes, I’m sure you do.  It’s a nagging… won’t go away… no matter how hard you try to ignore .. feeling.   I had that feeling when my son hit 16 months old.  He wasn’t using a lot of language.  He could not sit still for even the smallest amount of time.   He would have the most horrible temper tantrums I had ever seen.  And he stopped eating a lot of the different foods he liked.  Not one thing taken on its own would pin point what the issue was.  And when I brought my concerns up with his Dr. she assured me he was a happy healthy boy.  That he would speak when he was ready, that lots of children give up foods at this point in their growth, and as for the running and not sitting still, well…

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