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Packing, and Packing, and Packing and Moving

April 4, 2013


So we are moving.  I hate moving.  I have lived in this house for over 19 years.  Before I was a Mom, before I was a wife… I have known this house for a long time.  In fact, this was my grandmother’s house.  So I remember being a little girl in this house. And running through the hallway into the kitchen, out through the dinning room… into the living room and back into the hallway!  I also remember smacking straight into the hallway door one time when I was running and not looking.  My sister and I moved in after my Grandmother passed away and it was a nice way of feeling connected to her after she was gone.  I still feel that now and then.  We spent our young adult years in this house with lots of fun, some (ok lots) of drama, and both of us really grew into adults before each of us got married. Part of me is sad to be moving.  I’m also sad to have to pack up 19 years worth of stuff.  It’s been an interesting cleansing  process.  I have visions of the show Hoarders in my head has I clean out cupboards.  So I’m throwing things out.  Just tossing and not looking back.  It’s what I have to do.  I could easily become a hoarder. Oh I might need that.  Oh it’s a shame to just throw that away.  NO!  In the trash it goes.  I keep telling myself “it’s just stuff, if you need it sometime in the future you can go buy it”.  That helps, and I’ll tell you a secret… it feels good to get rid of stuff.  It feels like losing weight!!  So yeah, my house is losing weight!

world_wide_2In all of this, we have to be mindful of our son.  After all, we are moving his whole world.  He’s only known this house.  He’s attached to some things  here, like the mailbox (he loves it) and the back yard (his favorite thing in the whole world if you ask him) And strange as it may sound he is used to the bathrooms.  He has a hard time using different  bathrooms.  Loud flushing toilets frighten him.  BUT the plus side is that he is pretty familiar with the house we are moving into, and the toilets aren’t loud.  As I have been slowly packing up things, we have been talking about moving.  He’s actually excited about it.  And some days asks why we can’t go to the new house now!  Oh how I wish it was that easy.  I’ve really tried to make him aware of what we are doing, were we are going, and how it will be different but ok.  Right now, he’s good to go!  Fingers crossed that once we are moved in he will continue to think things are good.   Also, what a great time to set up the house in an Autism friendly way.  In a way that we never could before!  And why I’m getting rid of as much stuff as I can.  Less is more.. Less is more.. Less is more…….


Exactly ↑

I want to have everything go as smoothly as possible. (I know it won’t,  so go ahead and stop laughing…)  I feel like sand is slipping through the hour-glass and I’m trying to get so much done.  Some days I feel like I’m ahead of the game, other days I just sit down and think… we will never get all this stuff moved.  And I have to get little Mr. registered in our new neighborhood school as soon as possible… plus we have his IEP. and and and and and.. a thousand other things in our lives going on right now.  ~more on that stuff in another post~  I have always had a hard time with change.  But change can be a great thing.  I think we need this change.  It will be good for all of us!  The new house has a much safer street, closer neighbors that watch out for each other, and a DISHWASHER!!!  Thank God!   Oh did I mention a coffeehouse with-in walking distance.   √  Uh Yeah…. I think this change will be great.  Wish us luck.  And wish our garbage man luck too.. he’s going to have very heavy trash cans to maneuver.

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