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A small club that’s getting bigger

March 21, 2013

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I have been reeling a little bit after my last blog entry.  So much going through my mind. So many discussions with family, friends, and professionals about what to do , what our options are, and where to go next .  I met with my son’s doctor who thinks his progress is fantastic!  I got to talk to my son’s teacher who is ALWAYS positive about him even when he has a hard time in her food class. And I talked to some moms that have been through what I have.  It’s nice to swap battle stories and know there are others that completely totally understand.  I came away with some ideas about what we are going to do for my son in regards to the School district.   One mom told me:  “we get it, we understand, we have been through it too” It’s a  small club, but it won’t be small for long……

Take a look at this ———>   CDC: Higher number of children with autism


Oh boy.. yes that came out yesterday. This study was a phone call survey.  So some might dismiss it, but it does have it merits.   The Autistic community KNOWS it’s more prevalent than the 1-88 suggests.   Instead of 1-88 (or 1-54 for boys) The CDC, through this study, thinks the number is more like 1-50 children.  1 in 50…… sit back and think about that for a moment.  It’s even more likely that there is Autism in your life.  Somewhere there is a child with Autism that you know.  And guess what?  There are Autistic children out there going un-diagnosed.  Maybe they are being kicked out of schools and programs due to behavior or because they are having a hard time learning the typical way.  Seems to me that the system needs to catch up.  School Districts need to catch up.  Health Care needs to catch up.  WE as the nation…. NEED TO CATCH UP.  Looks like more and more children will need different kinds of teachers, teaching methods, and understanding.  The “special schools” may be the ones for neurotypical  children in the next 10 years.  Interesting and completely frightening all at once. Is this our new normal?  If so, there is a long long way to go.


So, I’m a member of the club. I’m kind of a new member (a year now).  At first I was mad that I was a member, then sad.   As I accepted it, I realized that I could do some good.   There are many wonderful members who are willing to share their knowledge and support.  I’m thankful for the support and the laughs and the tips, hints and tricks only Autism Moms know.  I hope I can be as helpful for the newest members.  Welcome to the club!  How can I help you?

  1. My autistic (severely) is 17 years old. Been doing this a while. Nice to meet you though. 🙂 I’d be pleased to join you.

  2. Yep! Been there, sister! I always say that I went through all the stages of grief! I’m right there with you wanting to try and help others out of the fear and the muck! It’s not so bad once you change your perspective! In fact, we’re pretty happy to be in the club!

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