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Storm clouds on the horizon AKA…. MELTDOWN

March 10, 2013


Meltdowns…. are awful, horrible, exhausting, all encompassing events…….. Like a horrific thunderstorm.  If you have a child on the spectrum then I’m sure you understand completely.  If not please take a look at this chart:

How To Spot a Meltdown

Oh, the looks we get when we have been out in public and our son has a full-blown meltdown.  It’s been an experience for sure. I have seen the worse in people, and I have seen the best in others.  I also learned what I will put up with and what I won’t.  We have had people tell us to get our kid under control, or to shut him up.  We have had others call him a brat when they thought we couldn’t hear them.  Others give us awful looks and sneers.  I have no patience for this behavior from grown adults.  In fact, I find it to be bullying….. so my husband and I have started to “correct” these people.  We have told them “He’s having an Autistic meltdown, he’s not a brat, and I’m not going to shut him up”  A man who thought his advice of “keep that kid quiet” was somehow helpful, got this answer back from my husband: ” Just how do you think I should do that?  You want me to slap him, hit him, scream at him???”  The man stood there with his mouth open, as did the rest of the people standing there.  Another time when a woman was giving us all a horrible look we confronted her about it.   She followed me and told me how sorry she was for being so rude.  She told me that she was wrong and we had taught her a lesson.  She was in tears.  I said it can be hard on everyone when he has a meltdown and that I was thankful for her apology. On the bright side, we had a grandfather come up to us and say  he understood what we were going through since his grandson was autistic and had meltdowns.  He said he watched us and thought we handled the meltdown perfectly and that we were great parents.  What a breath of fresh air!  Other times I’ve had people give me knowing smiles with kind eyes.  It’s a relief to see that.   It can be a helpless feeling when your child spins out of control into a meltdown while in public.  We always do our best to leave or control the situation as much as we can.  Some people are gracious about it… some are not.  Maybe if we can teach the ignorant what meltdowns are then we are  doing some good for my son and other children that experience them.

meltdowns are not

While we were out this morning, my son had a temper tantrum.   He was able to get himself under control, listen to what we were telling him and calm down fairly quickly. It didn’t spiral into a meltdown, which we were ready for. The clouds parted before the thunderstorm was able to take effect.   It’s progress!  I will take it.  So thankful for the break in the clouds.


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