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Lots of different paths…

March 5, 2013


Funny thing…… when faced with issues, you change your tune real fast! I often rolled my eyes at special diets, or “natural treatments” before I faced the reality that these things might work for my son.  When we started down this road of Autism the one thing the Doctor told us was that not everything works for every child.  It’s all a trail and error.  There are lots of different paths we can go down.    It’s really a puzzle, and the pieces can come from all different places.  Would a gluten free diet work?  What about food dyes?  How about supplements?  Compression blankets or vests?  Brushing?  ABA classes or therapies?  So much to navigate.  I wish there was just a pill he could take, but it’s just not that simple.

Learning Path Puzzle_Main

So he has had all kinds of different tests to figure out if he was deficient in any areas.  When the results of his tests came back in, we were thrilled to find he was a healthy boy!   (kinda shocking since he hardly eats anything…) His genetic testing found no issues either…. now to piece together what would help.  I was willing to try all the things I rolled my eyes at!!!!  We started him out on a lotion called   l-reduced glutathione.  I really had no idea what this would do for him.. I was at my whits end, I couldn’t get him potty trained, his meltdowns were happening 5 times or more a day, and he was exhausted after each, as was I.  After 2 to 3 weeks, the change was unbelievable!  He was potty training and the meltdowns where happening only 1-2 times a day!  He was focusing better, listening better, and just seemed more at ease.  I thought … hmmm is this just a fluke?  Well, we happened to run out of the lotion… due to a mix up with the shipping.  Guess what??  He regressed.  I promised myself that I wouldn’t do that again!   At the same time, we started a socialization class where I learned to use a Visual schedule  and body brushing and deep pressure techniques with him.  It all opened my eyes to new ways of dealing with his Autism.  I believe that all of these things worked together.  As for the gluten free diet… well, his doctor couldn’t find any gut issues.  He thought could put that on the back burner for awhile.  It’s a HUGE commitment to do that diet and his food jags are so bad, I’m not sure it would work anyway.  I have found that we really have to pick and choose what we battle.


And now, after the week we had with the school district… changing buses/drivers/routes… and the talk I had with his pre-school teacher about Kindergarten… I see we need to choose our next path.  Meds?  Natural oils?  Behavioral therapy?  Let’s try the  Natural oils!  Some Moms I know say they have had great success with them.  He likes the idea of “magic oil”  and loves to have me message them into his feet which is a plus!  We are in the beginning stages, so stay tuned.  Also, back to the brushing and compression techniques, with a twist~ He tells me when he needs it.  He comes to me when he feels too much energy inside and asks for squeezies!  That was a hint his wonderful food program teacher gave me.  He gets him, she really does.  She told me that he is so smart he knows he needs some sensory input  and needs to understand how to self regulate.  It’s all about teaching him control!  He took to that immediately.  I’m feeling optimistic about what we are doing for him.


Please note, I’m not a doctor, or a expert, or a professional. I’m just a mom making my way through, and letting you know what has worked for us.  There are so many options out there, so many paths to take.  None are wrong, some work for some children on the spectrum, some don’t.  And I’m sure we will have to jump, or run to a different path now and then.  I… We are blessed to have the professionals in our lives that are willing to look at all these options.  I’m blessed to have found support from other moms and teachers and my family who are willing to skip down these paths with us!

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