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My bright light

March 2, 2013


We’ve had a week.. a hard week.  My son can be the sweetest little spirit in the world.  He is so empathetic….he can tell when I’m sick, or really stressed out.  He wants to fix it, or make me better.   And even though he’s been through the ringer too,  he knew this morning that I needed some fixing.  I had a horrible headache.  He grabbed his favorite band-aid and put it right on my forehead then got some “medicine” (water in one of his medicine spoons) told me to take, and finally a big hug and kiss with a proclamation of “All Better right?”  Yes.. all better!  It’s these sweet special moments that I hold onto and want to remember forever.  Those moments are what gets me through the meltdowns and the hyper bursts.


You know, I worry that others don’t see the sweetness in him.  They only see the wild, or the loud.  I have run into some people who don’t like him much because of this.  I need to just figure it’s their loss.  He’s truly sweet, truly loving.  He worries when he hears his little brother crying.  He comforts him with a hug, or a pat on the head.  He has seen me cry once or twice ( not something I like doing in front of him) and he offers me his favorite toy or a big hug.  And I have noticed that he will worry about me for quite a while after that.  Asking if I’m ok, if I’m still sad… I guess he worries about me like I worry about him.


I get the random “Mom.. I loves you so much”  just out of the blue, and it tickles my heart.  Sometimes at night when he’s getting tucked into bed he will run down the list of everyone he loves.  It’s a long list.  Which of course is awesome!  And then there is this…. “Mama, guess how much I love you…. I love you all the galaxies in the universe” How can I resist that????  Nope I can’t.  He’s an intense child.  He lives and loves life LOUD.  He can light up a room with his laughter.. and is my sunshine on a gloomy day.  (I hope he reads this when he is a teenager and knows that I love him all the galaxies in the universe too… forever)


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