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Fight! Fight! Fight!

February 25, 2013

imagesYes.. I feel like I have to constantly fight for everything for my son.  Everywhere I turn there seems to be some obstacle  or something *can’t* be done, or something changes without notice.  On Friday of last week when my son cheerfully jumped off the bus and turned to wave good-bye to Mr. Ray the bus driver, Mr Ray told us this was his last day and that a new bus and new driver where taking over the route.  He didn’t even know this info until that afternoon.  He was just as shocked as I was and very sad.  “These are my kids too”  he said to me.  I told him thank you for all he did and having extra patience with the tiny tornado.  He smiled and said my son was an angel.   That melted and broke my heart all at once.  What was I going to do.. how could they not let me know this was going to happen… Change is so hard for him and he trusted and loved Mr. Ray.  Now we have to start all over.  And I was MAD.  I was fuming…. and I was going to get some answers.  So in the house I went with my little guy and put on my boxing gloves and made a phone call.


So I will admit… the  first phone call to the school district was a tad angry.  I could tell by the tone of my own voice and the speed at which I was talking that the person on the other end wasn’t going to want to deal with me.  I tried to settle down and gain control.  The woman on the other end “transferred” me the supervisor of transportation.  Shockingly enough, I had to leave a voice mail.  Lets all do the math together.. Friday afternoon + angry voicemail from mother = no call.   I was boiling over it all weekend.  My anger came from not knowing what was going to happen Monday.  I worried, I stewed, I stressed… I was pissed off that I had no control over it.  I knew that come Monday, I would have some answers.. by sheer will if need be.


After getting little Mr. off to school Monday morning and dealing with his sick little brother, I settled in to make my phone calls.  Call one.. voice mail…  Call two.. voice mail with the gentle reminder that I had left other messages and that I would continue to call until I got a call back. Call three… voice mail with another reminder that I would be calling back hour after hour.  THEN FINALLY……. MY PHONE RANG.  I tried very hard not to be angry and just be matter of fact, but the person I got on the phone was rude.  So I decided to by-pass her and told her to transfer me to her supervisor.  Once on the phone with the supervisor I was able to ask why they didn’t contact me about this huge change for my son.  She told me I should have been contacted and was very sorry that I wasn’t.  Things had moved so fast with the new transportation system that the transition didn’t go the way they wanted it too.  I told her this:  “I am very upset that I wasn’t informed beforehand and unable to explain to my son this big change… he may be just a name on a piece of paper to you,  but he’s my son.  And I’m here to protect him, and make sure his best interests are always put first.  I don’t feel you took in to consideration any of my son’s special needs…. and you are the special education department!” She told me again how sorry she was and that she completely understood why I would feel that way.  Then I made the choice to tell her “thank you for letting me vent and listening to me.” I think she was slightly taken aback, but pleased.   I told her that we all are in this together.  I may need to fight, but I also know that knocking someone out isn’t’ always the best way.  His first ride on the “NEW HUGE BIG BUS”  was long.  He was the last child on there… and had been on the bus for an hour and a 1/2 … The transportation supervisor called me back to let me know that the bus was running late due to it being the first run and the driver meeting all the new parents.  (glad to get that communication!)  And when I finally saw that bus turn the corner and head down our street I was relieved and prepping myself to be positive.  After all it wasn’t the new bus drivers fault.  She couldn’t have been nicer and also apologetic for being so late.  My tiny tornado bounced off the bus and cheerfully waved at his new bus driver and waited to see the door close.  “It’s a Huge bus Mama and I can see a lot of stuff when I ride it”

images (1)

It dawned on me today what the fight will always be about……. he’s not just a name typed on some department’s form, or a number for the school district to get paid, or just another IEP.  He’s my son.  I will always fight to make sure he’s recognized. I will always fight to make sure he get what he needs, no matter how big or small.   I think I better get a couple of pairs of boxing gloves…..

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