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What a tightrope we walk to stick to our schedule

February 8, 2013

My youngest son ended up in the hospital with a yucky virus that left him dehydrated and listless.  Yep it was frightening!  And stressful!  Of course I stayed with him the entire time he was in there.  So what is the tightrope that we walk?  Well my oldest son can be so sensitive to any changes or stress in our family.  And it can take him days to “recover”.   While I was running my baby to the doctor, lab, and then back to the doctor… my family was in planning mode.. on the phone figuring out schedules and making plans to have older brother feel comfortable while we took care of baby brother.  His schedule is so important and while sometimes we have to let go of it, we try with all our might to stick to it if we can.


We are blessed to have a wonderful safety net.  His grandparents will drop everything to help us.  He feels so comfortable with them… it’s like his second home!   So when we were told that baby brother was going to have to be admitted to the hospital, I knew big brother would be taken care of and safe.  As we were packing up clothing and his special food to take with him, we were explaining exactly what we thought was going to happen so he understood the time line.  While we were at the hospital we were debating about getting him to school the next day… should we???  Yes.. we should.  He needs it.  So we figured that out too.  I worried that he would have a hard time due to the upheaval the night before, but guess what.. he came home with a happy face on his report.  My thoughts~  because we stuck to his schedule!   He also came home with hugs and kisses for me and his baby brother.  He said he missed us… awwww.. I missed him too.  And so did baby brother.  So back to the grind,  back to the schedule, back to life as we know it.  I just will take that extra cup of coffee today.  (and maybe a nap when no one is looking!)


  1. Stacey Palaszczuk permalink

    You handled it with such grace. Everyone got what they needed, and things worked out. You are tired, but when the boys are happy and well the world is happy and well. xoxo

  2. Shannon Gibson permalink

    I remember these days. I can tell you that this has become easier with age and integrating visual schedules everywhere. Great job!

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