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Quotes about Autism, some of my favorites….

February 3, 2013

This internet thing is pretty cool.  While searching around for websites and books and info about Autism, I stumble upon some of the best quotes.  I thought I would share them.

This one I found in a blog in the first weeks after my son’s diagnosis.  I wish for the life of me that I can remember the name and author.  I would give them all the credit…. I love it!  (if you recognize this, let me know so I can give FULL CREDIT!)


Some days we learn a lot from autism.

Some days we feel completely ill-equipped to handle autism.

Some days we appreciate a new perspective given to us courtesy of autism.

Nonetheless, families like mine are here,

Fighting Hard!

There are lots of us.

And our numbers increase….. every day.

We are exhausted.

We are broke.

We agonize about the future.

We just want to make it through each day without incident.

We Wonder what our child’s experience of life is like.

We struggle.

And we love.

Every-time I read that quote I can feel it in the pit of my stomach… It’s so true that some-days I absolutely hate autism.  But with time those days are becoming further and further apart.  I am beginning to appreciate what it can bring.  For example this quote from  Hans Asperger…..

“It seems that for success in science or art, a dash of autism is essential.”  

Oh so true!  My guy loves space, stars, computers, music, drawing and creating.  I have always said that one day he will be working for NASA or he’ll be an artist of some kind.  I can see it in him.  He so bright and I know he uses parts of his brain I could only wish to access.  Which brings me to this……..


Yes, he stuns us all the time with what he can do.  I do believe he is a superhero.  He even has a cape and mask to prove it!  He’s taught all of us so much.  I’m a better person and mother because of him.


Oh the nights I lay awake worried that he could be bullied.  It makes me sick to my stomach thinking about it.  BUT even worse would be if he was a bully to someone else.  It’s horrible to be bullied.  It stays with you your whole life.  What a fine line to walk teaching your child to stand up for themselves but making sure they aren’t bullying someone in the process.  In my opinion there is almost nothing worse than a bully and the parents that do nothing about it.  We strive to be the parents that won’t allow it.  But we balance it with knowing this:

Being “different” is what sets you apart from everybody else in this world.

It allows you to be Unique,

It allows you to process information in ways that people will never understand,

And see things in ways that others would find unimaginable.

It allows you to break free from the mold of society.

You are not the same as anybody else, yet you are not different to anybody else.

You are YOU. Don’t ever change.

He is such an awesome kid.  He is my heart.  This is completely what he is too me.


One last thing.  His favorite song is this

We sing this at least 20 times a day.  And sometimes I get a bit teary eyed when we sing it.  He is my sunshine, He is the World’s sunshine.

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