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Oh Boy… Oh Boy… 2 Boys!

February 1, 2013

For as long as I can remember I always knew in my heart that I would be a mom someday.  When we got married we thought, “we have plenty of time for children”  and we had our fun together.  We traveled, we stayed out late, we went to parties, we would go on spontaneous trips to the mountains or to the beach.


It was nice, and I wouldn’t trade that time for anything because we had fun, we paid attention to each other, and it was just “our time”.  When we decided it was time to have children, it didn’t just happen like it seemed to for so many others that we knew.  And so started tests and procedures and more tests and a surgery and no answers to speak of.  And tears.  Lots of tears on my part.  We tried for 7 years.   I remember telling my husband that I didn’t think it would ever happen for us, and that maybe we needed to check into adoption or just settle into life with no children.  It hurt my heart.  I know it hurt my husbands too.  Just as we were starting to except it….. guess what???


I remember having one last test left.  I wasn’t going to buy them anymore and have the heartbreak of the result  “not pregnant” again.  I felt funny that day, so I took the test at 10:00 pm (why that late, I can’t remember) and glanced at it out of the corner of my eye, when I saw “Pregnant”  I grabbed it and held it within an inch of my face, because that couldn’t  be real.  I ran down the hall to my husband and shoved it in his face.  I can’t count the times I had him check the tests before.  I couldn’t stand to be disappointed time after time.  He was just as shocked at the positive result.   I told, or as he my recall YELLED ~ at him to get dressed and we were going to the store to buy another one. I had to take another one to make sure….. like it was going to change?!? Ha!!!   So there we were, in the grocery store late at night buying more tests.  I made my husband buy a couple of other things so we didn’t just have a box of EPT’s at the register.  I think it was ice cream, a magazine, and soda.  Looking back I wish I would have added a jar of pickles so the cliché would be complete!   Well, we were shocked, trilled, over the moon and scared to death!  Yep, Scared. To. Death.  We had been wanting this for so long and now we had it.  Life from that point on was different.  Forever.


Pregnancy…. to be honest with everyone.. I’m not a fan.  I was sick sick sick (with both boys) until I had them.  I never felt “glowing” or “beautiful” or like “mother nature”   I felt sick, frumpy, and tired.  I thought from all the reading and the all talk from other moms that pregnancy was going to be this glorious, special, beautiful, somehow making me more “womanly” thing.  Well I am here to say it wasn’t!  AND not to beat yourself up if you don’t find it this way either.   I wouldn’t give up a minute of it,  it brought me the 2 biggest joys of my life. I did everything I could to make sure I was a healthy mom.  I drank organic milk.  I didn’t eat deli meat.  I took every vitamin and supplement I could. I stopped drinking COFFEE.. sigh….  And I even took the steps of not eating things that had been microwaved in plastic.  As someone who has never liked going to the doctor, this was hard.. I had to go all the time now!!!!!  But I did love my OB.  He was a great no-nonsense funny guy.  Just my style.   So that made it easier.  My first-born was breech of course (never anything simple with him.)  During the last 6 weeks of pregnancy I had ultrasounds ever week to see if he was going to turn.  He didn’t, so C-Section for me!  He was snuggled up under my ribs and didn’t want to come out.  He was healthy and screaming as he came out.  And his Apgar scores were 10’s  both of them 10’s.  The nurses and the doctor said they never had a child score 10 on both.  Since his diagnosis of ASD I have often wondered about those Apgar scores…… And all those ultrasounds….. who knows…  I know I tried my best to be healthy for both of them.  My second born also had to be a C-Section due to hospital policy.  He had more normal Apgar scores but had to go to the nic unit for breathing issues and was away from me for 7 hours. Worst 7 hours of my life. But in the end he was just as healthy as his big brother.  And so.. I became the Mama to 2 fantastic boys!


Even though these two little guys are 3  years apart, they love each other a lot!  Big brother sometimes squeezes his baby brother a little too tight, or has to pat the top of his head a little too hard, but we know how much he loves him.  And the baby loves to follow his big brother every where.  He laughs at all his big brother does and I think he enjoys watching his antics even more than watching a show on Disney Jr!  There are always kisses goodbye, and kisses goodnight.  And Big Brother proclaims “Look at our cute baby” all the time… and for all to hear.  I hope and pray they will always have a strong bond, and always look out for each-other in life.  They are bright and shinning lights.  We are lucky to be their parents.

  1. Terrific, as usual!! 😉 ❤ ❤

  2. Samantha permalink

    The twins were in the NICU for 6 weeks… and I didn’t get to see them for about 48 hours after they were born b/c I was in the ICU and not allowed to leave. WORST thing that has ever happened to me… hands down., SO I feel your pain!

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