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Yes, Autism has the funny

January 31, 2013

kevin's xraySee that?  Well that is a quarter my son swallowed.  He had a fascination with coins.  Loved them.  And he loved them so much that he popped it in his mouth and swallowed.  What followed was a month of doctor appointments… long drives to Children’s Hospital, X-rays, and “checking” if the quarter had passed on through.  Since we never found the quarter he had to have a procedure to knock him out, put a scope down his throat and pluck the quarter out.  We made plenty of jokes ..  Hey!  Let’s pull his arm and see if a jackpot shoots out,  Do you think a quarter in maybe 2 dimes and a nickel are going to come out… We had to joke and laugh.  It’s what helps get you through these kinds of things!  When the day came for his procedure, we drove the 2 hours to the hospital, (very early in the morning)  got him checked in and ready roll!  While he was being checked out by nurses, doctors, and various others, he charmed some… others not so much. That’s life anyway right?  But as he was being wheeled down the hall to the OR he stood up on his bed and “surfed”.   The one nurse that he charmed thought it was the best thing she has seen all day.. I could only shake my head, kiss him and head to the waiting room.  With in 1/2 an hour the doctor came out and told us.. the quarter was gone. It wasn’t there when she scoped him.  Once they knocked him out they think the quarter passed from the stomach since everything relaxed.  All we could do was laugh again.  Only our kid…  I still have this x-ray and I’m going to frame it for his room.  OH and we still never found the quarter…. otherwise he would have had a nice custom key chain for when he turned 16!

puzzle brain

There are times that I love the way his brain works.  He comes up with the best lines that blow us all away. His vocabulary is huge and he uses it as much as he can.  For example   “Behold Mama, it’s my ultimate 3000 super robot” as he is holding up his prized robot he built.  When I ask,  “hey Mr, what does Behold mean?”  he answers “it means look!”  then stares at me like I’m foolish for asking!  I guess I am.   He calls the big playground at school humongous.  Picked up a shape and said “look at this nice Octagon” ( is was an octagon, I had to count the sides myself.  How he knew we don’t know)  During one of his assessments, the tester put a pile of play food in front of him and asked him to pick out the “pickle”, he picked up the cucumber and said “this is a cucumber, not a pickle yet”.  All of us in the room where shocked and started laughing.  He has the ability to memorize movie/tv show lines in just one sitting.  And will repeat them at a moments notice.  It’s incredible.  He was able to memorize the entire dance scene at the end of “Despicable Me” and would do the dance along with Mr. Gru step by step. We all would laugh together as he danced and it will always be one of my favorite sights forever.

Toy cars

And his toys…………  toys have to be lined up just right.  His room can be a booby-trapped toy minefield…  He will them up around his train play table.  He will line them up around his bed.   ANY parent can tell you stepping on them in bare feet in the middle of the night is not fun to say the least.  He’s also learned this too.   Once while stepping on a toy car that was lined up around his bed,  he grabbed his foot, hopped around, and I thought I heard a swear word. Then I said to myself, Yep that’s my son!

Cartoon Face Laughing

My son’s teacher told me “He lives life LOUD”.  I couldn’t have explained it more perfectly.  He makes us laugh everyday.. even the hard meltdown exhausted days. He’s loud, and hilarious and 4 years old, and silly and autistic. Yes it’s ok to laugh at some of his quirks, they are funny. One of my friends told me he is a little sponge soaking up everything around him.  She is right.  I see both of our sense of humor in him.  I’m so thrilled because I think it will serve him well!  After all, laughter is the medicine for life.

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