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What’s all this about coffee?

January 29, 2013

So yes…. I LOVE coffee.  And I love it a little too much.  Like to the point of being addicted.  (Ok, Ok, 100% addicted.)

spilled coffee.1
I remember being a little girl and my grandmother’s house always smelling like coffee. She had a hot mug of black strong coffee all the time!  Growing up, I wouldn’t think it was morning unless I smelled coffee brewing.  And to this very day, the smell of it is something that is so inviting, warm, comfortable, soothing, and well, the smell of  home.  I love walking into a coffee shop and having that aroma envelop me.

I remember drinking coffee daily once I was high school.  I would get up and have a cup when my Dad was leaving for work.  Oh I felt so “gown up”  but there was something else to it………………………


I never really got that caffeine jittery buzz others talk about.  It has always made me feel normal.  Like it levels the playing field.  And here is why…… I am  AD/HD.  The caffeine seems to settle down the running-non-stop part of my brain.  So I’m self medicating!  I’m writing my own prescription:  1 mocha every morning  as soon as patient is out of bed, followed by more through-out the day as needed…….  But I can’t take away the fact that I’m addicted!  If I miss my morning coffee, I get the dreaded Caffeine Headache…. And the 2 times I have had to give it up (pregnant with my sons) It was super duper rough.  But I did it.


To me there is something so comforting about a cup of coffee. It feels like a nice warm hug.  And some days when there are meltdowns going on, or toys everywhere, or I’m up to my elbows in laundry, or I have been running my child to school and therapies, or I’m just so tired from being up all night with a sleepwalking sleeptalking 4 year old, or the baby has been cranky,  or, or ,or…….. Coffee and curling up on my couch makes it all better.  So maybe it’s  “Coffee, with a side of LIFE”


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